People & Culture

When you've got it flaunt it!

To have a vibrant and connected team, there needs to be a safe and welcoming environment. We help you identify and diagnose the issue to create organisational and functional effectiveness. We help you shape the culture you envision through surveys, thematic analysis, and two inspiring workshops.

The Value Game Workshop

Company culture is built around a strong set of values. When your employees are clear about the core values of your business and understand how to relate them into their everyday role, you’ll be amazed at how efficiently daily activities are performed.

This workshop will assess the current culture and help you reiterate and communicate your core values to harness the power of teamwork, nurture an unbreakable company culture and in turn, strengthen external business relationships.


There is no "I" in Team Workshop

With a focus on team building, this workshop celebrates the diversity of your staff and harnesses the unique differences to foster a tight-knit and high-performing team. One way to establish this is through the Extended DISC® system; an individual personal assessment that shines a light on those unique qualities. Our team are fully qualified and trained in DISC®.

When a team can communicate and work together in hypothetical scenarios, these skills are easily transferable to every day at the office. When energy is invested in team building, you’ll see an increase in company-wide performance and a healthy workplace culture grow in no time at all.


"Complex HR matter Resolved"

We had a complex HR matter that required us to engage an external hr consulting agency. Jess was able to investigate the issue with a level of sensitivity, maintaining open dialogue with all parties and provide management with a clear strategic direction to resolve not just the immediate problem, but also to help us put longer term strategies in place to ensure that the problems didn’t arise in the future. We would happily recommend to organisations looking to partner with an external Melbourne HR outsourcing or consulting provider

- Russell Locke, Planned Resources

It's all about mindset

Workplace synergy and harmony require forward-thinking and strategic planning from key stakeholders within the business. It also stems from the mindset of each individual within the workplace.

Leaders Matter, Leadership Matters More

Organisations require leadership at all levels of the organisation, not just at the top, to exert influence and enable competitive differentiation. Leadership and teamwork are essential to achieve a common goal and reinforce a motivating, rewarding and supportive culture. We'll help you build a leadership capability that will increase value for all stakeholders and individuals. Together we’ll devise strategies and frameworks, provide one-on-one coaching and team-based leadership workshops, implement continuous improvement programs, lunch box sessions and more.


Dealing with an Underperforming Employee?

Often, tailored training, disciplinary action, or mediation can solve the issues at hand. We can support you to identify the causes of poor performance and develop a plan to get your employee back on track in a way they feel supported, and which aligns with workplace legislation. We can assist you with implementing regular performance appraisals and a new strategy that fits with your business and objectives. Business owners, Senior Executives and Key Stakeholders at times find it challenging to provide constructive criticism and focus on developing employees to assist them to becoming more productive and efficient. Our Leadership Development function will assist managers to communicate effectively.