Personalised, Outsourced HR for SME's & Start-up's

Positive HR will help you build a smarter, leaner & compliant business to help you thrive - all with outsourced Fixed Cost Memberships and Bespoke HR Documents.


Download your Free Employee Health & Wellbeing COVID-19 Survey

It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed by the changing climate and business operations. This survey allows you to check in with your workforce and understand how they are going. Download your Survey today!

Concentrate on the big picture

We strive for excellence day in and day out. That's why we're always innovating our hr outsourcing and HR consulting strategies and approach to meet the needs of your business, and align the HR strategy with that of other departments. We're committed to you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Fixed Priced Memberships

With membership options for SME's & Start-ups of all types and sizes - simply choose the membership that works best for your business to ensure all your HR needs are met - and equally important that you have a fixed cost to do so.


HR Documentation taken care of

We have all the HR documents you would need for your business available to purchase. All our documents have been professionally drafted and will be populated by us with the information you provide then sent to you 'ready to use'.


Personalised HR for your People

If you are in need of bespoke HR set up, employment contracts, HR consulting and on-site HR outsourcing, to performance and development strategy; workplace investigations and grievances, our services promise to bring out your company’s best!


What Outsourced HR can do for your business

Outsourcing your HR initiatives, partly or in full, to an external consultancy is a great way to identify business goals and ensure they’re aligned with the overarching strategic vision of the company. It can also drive greater efficiencies and productivity in your organisation. Outsourcing this function in your business is by far the leanest way to get all the benefits without the hefty price tag of internal HR.

Become Compliant & Protected
Whether you’re a startup or an established company reviewing your HR function; understanding your compliance obligations and managing them will save you time, money and also may one day save your reputation.
Resolve Workplace Disputes
Obstacles and challenges are part of business and life. So even if you’ve implemented an array of HR policies and procedures to mitigate problems arising, sometimes you can’t avoid them. We’re experts in conflict resolution and workplace investigation, and we can provide you with new strategies to resolve the current problem and prevent future ones from happening.
Identify & Align Business Goals
Workplace synergy and harmony require forward-thinking and strategic planning from key stakeholders within the business. It also stems from the mindset of each individual within the workplace. To have a vibrant and connected team, there needs to be a safe and welcoming environment. We help you identify and diagnose the issue to create organisational and functional effectiveness.
Develop Human Resource Strategies
We're able to partner at a high-level, providing strategy and advice to Boards, Owners and Senior Executives, which aligns with the overall business long-term objectives. The team will turn critical issues into positive possibilities and work closely to develop a 1,3- or 5-year Human Resource Strategy for the business.
Define Values & Build Culture
Company culture is built around a strong set of values. When your employees are clear about the core values of your business and understand how to relate them into their everyday role, you’ll be amazed at how efficiently daily activities are performed. Outsourced HR will support you with building a collaborative, supportive and positive culture.
Get the most from your People
We can assist you with implementing regular performance appraisals and a new strategy that fits with your business and objectives. Business owners, Senior Executives and Key Stakeholders at times find it challenging to provide constructive criticism and focus on developing employees to assist them to becoming more productive and efficient.

Get your complete HR solution with our Bulletproof HR Business Pack

Whether you’re a start-up going through a period of growth or an established company resetting your HR function - our HR Bulletproof Business Pack can help with your success. We will ensure your business practices are compliant with Australian law and industry regulations. You’ll be provided with a range of tools to create a positive work-place. We'll support you by bringing best practice into your workplace as well as guidance on executing strategies.

Only $1,990 INC GST


The inclusions can be altered to suit the business

Just a few industries we provide focused solutions too

There is no "one size fits all" approach when you work with Positive HR. We take the time to understand your industry and the elements that make it unique not just from a compliance point of view, but also looking at the best approaches to drive success within your company.




Professional Services

Real Estate

Fitness & Health Care

Transport & Logistics

Architecture & Design

Our values drive our approach to HR & your business

We believe positivity in the workplace starts with a strong set of core values. It’s why Positive HR is built on a foundational set of values that unite our team and impact the way we do business. Our values are in our DNA, and they’re the roadmap to ensuring we provide a service you won’t forget.

Deliver Value
Be Supportive
Be Transparent
Educate & Mitigate


We believe that real success happens through collaborative business partnerships. It’s why collaboration is at the forefront of every interaction we have and encouraged within the organisations we work with. It’s the heart of our company. It means we’re all in this together, and we value what everyone brings to the table.

Deliver Value

Positive HR is committed to excellence. We appreciate your business and take great pride in understanding your vision, goals and objectives in order to deliver value. We’ll always go above and beyond to ensure your experience is a positive one, and strive to innovate and offer the latest in HR continuously.

Be Supportive

We believe that support shapes the path of business success. We know that for change to happen within any workplace, a welcoming and supportive environment is crucial. When you work with Positive HR, you’ll feel supported from start to finish. We’re with you all the way.

Be Transparent

We strive to be transparent in all that we do. Our team are committed to providing a professional service that keeps you in the loop across all business interactions. We welcome you into our bubble of positivity and ensure you’re well informed across each project.

Educate & Mitigate

We believe education is a powerful tool to ignite transformation within any organisation. We recognise that when people are well-informed, they are open to riding the wave of change. That openness fosters trust and cooperation from everyone involved. Through mindful mitigation, our team can implement new procedures and strategies that support the growth of your business and mitigate risk.