Outsourced HR

What is HR Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your HR initiatives, partly or in full, to an external HR consultancy is a great way to identify business goals and ensure they're aligned with the overarching strategic vision of the company. It can also drive greater efficiencies and productivity in your organisation in a cost-effective way.

As a third party, we're able to offer HR advice, create a tailored HR Outsourcing approach of an on-site and/or a virtual support team that works closely with your executive team and stakeholders of your business. We will identify the areas within your current policies and procedures where we can minimise risk through compliance and best practice, advise on HR Management issues and foster a connected company culture.

Every client is different in the way in which they seek to operate. Through consultation and listening, we ensure a bespoke HR Outsourcing model is presented and implemented. Our Positive HR team member will serve with sophistication, positivity, commitment and integrity to manage and drive your people and culture.

Positive HR offers multiple outsourcing memberships depending on the nature of your business.


"Their approach to HR is unique & effective"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica for several years. Her Positive HR service and advice is always genuine and professional. Her approach to HR Consulting is unique where she strives to bring all parties together in an effort to meet everyone’s needs and therefore creating a harmonious workplace. It is unlikely that there is a situation which Jessica can’t solve or provide you with honest and constructive ideas to reach a resolution.

- Nicholas Plummer, Grice Legal

Remote HR Memberships

Positive HR commits to the promise of offering a service that’s tailored to suit your organisation’s needs and one that is flexible and cost-effective. Not all SME's and Start-up's require on-site HR - however still have the need for advice and support.

$89 PER WEEK *
$366.38 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
$169 PER WEEK *
$695.72 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
$279 PER WEEK *
$1,148.55 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
Remote Membership Benefits
Access to Guides
Employee and Whistleblower Hotline
Discount on all additional HR Services & Products 5% 15% 20%
Scheduled Consultation calls PER WEEK * (up to) 0 3 10
Yearly pay audit with award increases
New Employee Contracts
Conversion Letters every 6 months
Employee Engagement Surveys every 6 months

On-Site HR Memberships

An on-site membership allows your business to focus on a proactive approach. You will have peace of mind when you count on your outsourced HR manager to provide guidance and knowledge with the ever-changing landscape of HR.

$599 PER WEEK *
$2,465.88 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
$1,399 PER WEEK *
$5,759.22 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
Two Days
$2,749 PER WEEK *
$11,316.72 PER MONTH (5% OFF WEEKLY) *
On-site Membership Benefits
Includes all 'Foundation' Remote HR benefits
Hours on-site per week 3 7 14
* Prices shown include GST. No long term contracts with only 2 weeks cancellation notice required for all remote & on-site weekly memberships and 1 month cancellation notice required for all remote & on-site monthly memberships.