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Has Your Employee Experience Stopped Evolving?


Best Practices to Improve Your Employee Experience 

Successful business owners understand that to stand out and shine in their market place, they must first accel in their workplace. Being able to apply best practices to improve and evolve your employees experience during work is essential to your success. So, has your employee experience stopped evolving? If so, or if you want to do a quick spot check, here are some quick suggestions on what you as a small business can do right now to improve and benefit from an evolving workplace.


1. Understand what your Employees want

The demands and desires of workers have progressed, and in some cases, it becomes a very challenging task for small business owners to monitor and maintain. You should, therefore, understand what your current employees want and what potential job candidates are looking for in companies. Some essential employee’s demands or desire include permanent workplace flexibility, working with an analytical purpose and commitment to health and well-being to workers. If you understand what workers require, it will be possible for you to create a great place to work, mainly by recruiting and retaining top talents and skills. It will also assist you in making the right decisions with those you bring on board.


2. Develop Leadership Skills & Leaders in your Business

As a small business owner, you must understand that your employees want to feel that you respect them and you are ready to offer them with what they need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives. One critical way to achieve this is through investing in leadership development and foster a culture of  leaders in your business. It is indeed worth it. Large and small companies that invest in developing leadership skills in their business typically perform better compared to others. Leadership development plays a significant role in assisting you in creating a competitive advantage for your business. Why? Well, that’s because it allows your business to improve bottom-line financial performance, drive strategy execution, increase success in navigating business changes, as well as attract, recruit, develop & retain talents.


3. Active Internal Communication

As a small business owner, internal communication acts as your internal marketing combination, which is a critical element in evolving employees experience. Therefore, you should understand that poor internal communication may lead to confusion, lowered employees’ morale and loss of business productivity. You should ensure that internal communication flows smoothly. How can you enhance it? Well, ensure that all your employees are treated and considered as critical domestic clients or components of your business. Evolving employees experience profoundly depends on internal communication, primarily because of a well-implemented and adopted internal communication guarantees workers loyalty, motivation and productivity. Therefore, satisfying such requirements for the internal clients, your business will always be in an excellent position to provide the best external clients. Active internal communication typically enhance control, coordination, smooth business operations, job satisfaction, motivation and reliable source of information.


4. Focus on Employees Recognition

Another essential component needed to evolve your employees’ experience is recognition. How can you do it? You should understand the purpose of praising others for their excellent work, contributions and behaviour to enhance their effectiveness in your business. Also, utilize critical principles of worker recognition and focus on encouraging them to start it in their working relationships with other employees. According to Dr Ashley Whillans from the Harvard Business School, it’s crystal clear that “what matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.” Given that appreciation is considered as a fundamental human need, your employees will respond to it via recognition of their paramount job. It confirms that their work is valued and they will try as much as possible to increase satisfaction and productivity. In that way, you will help them in evolving their experience, given that they will be motivated to improve or maintain their excellent work. Therefore, when trying to grow workers experience, focus on appreciation and praise, which are crucial elements of an outstanding workplace.


5. Work-Life Balance

One desire of many employees is work-life balance, and when trying to evolve their experience, it plays a significant role in increasing productivity, avoid absenteeism, improve their health & well-being, and of course, win their loyalty, motivation and commitment. In most cases, a good adopted and implemented work/life balance strategy will enable your workers to feel more respected and in control of their professional life. You will recruit, develop and retain a happier, less stressed workforce in your business, which will enable their experience to evolve. An excellent work-life balance increases the commitment and accountability of employees. It also helps in developing functional, productive teamwork and internal communication. The engagement level of employees depends on work-life balance, which improves when you enhance the balance. As a small business owner, you should focus on implementing flexible working practices such as job sharing, flexi-time, part-time working, working from home, among others. You should also consider making the working environment for your business attractive, primarily using techniques like free exercise classes, Company Day Out, and Time-off or Funding for training/learning. In this way, it will be possible for you and your business to evolve the employees’ experience.

Commitment, loyalty, engagement and accountability play significant roles in helping your employees evolve their experience in your business. You must also look beyond workplace programs alone to make sure that employee experience is aligned with the values and purpose of your business. When it comes to evolving workers experience in your business, the adoption and implementation of these strategies will typically help in times of increased uncertainty, automation and changing employee expectations. Therefore, all business owners should focus on understanding the employees’ needs, investing in leadership development, praise & recognition, work-life balance, and improving internal communication.