Workplace Investigations

Experiencing a bullying claim? Our Workplace Investigation can help you.

When issues arise in areas of employee misconduct through discrimination, bullying or any form of harassment, the problems must be dealt with immediately through workplace investigation by a qualified professional. Not doing so could further damage the reputation of the company, hurt the company’s culture and trigger further issues. As part of our HR Consulting, we can act urgently to investigate concerns and workplace matters and provide you with a full report of findings and proposed outcomes. We will also be able to implement the desired outcomes should you wish us to do so.

Resolve Investigations Professionally & Amicably

Throughout HR initiatives, you will still see issues occur from time-to-time. Obstacles and challenges are part of business and life. So even if you’ve implemented an array of HR consulting policies and procedures to mitigate problems arising, sometimes you can’t avoid them.

That’s where we come in. Instead of handling issues on your own, Positive HR can tactfully investigate current circumstances and prevent them from escalating further. We’re experts in conflict resolution and workplace investigation, and we can provide you with new strategies to resolve the current problem and prevent future ones from happening.

Attend to conflicts before they escalate

Conflict often arises unexpectedly and can quite frequently be resolved promptly—providing the issue has not escalated. Conflicts need to be reported and attended to as soon as possible.

The Positive HR team members are professionally trained to mediate between the concerned parties or conduct a workplace investigation and ensure that no employee rights are violated. We’ll also help you develop a multi-disciplinary conflict resolution procedure to prevent similar situations in the future.