Recruitment and Hiring

What is recruitment anyway?

Recruitment refers to the practice and the procedures that come with hiring someone into your business. Understanding the right type of employment – will they be an employee (part, time, full time or casual) or will they be a contractor? You will need to understand the difference between an employee and contractor which I will explore in the next section.

The recruitment process also involves:

  • Placing a job ad to attract the best people. Common platforms include Seek, LinkedIn or the good old community board in your local supermarket.
  • Screening any job applicants applications and shortlisting the ones that are most suitable
  • Interviewing applicants. It's common to start with phone interviews and then move to face-to-face or virtual interviewing via Zoom.
  • Conducting reference, background checks and rights to work in Australia. References are usually contacts that the candidate has worked with previously. The ideal referee is a previous manager.
  • Selecting the best applicant for the job
  • Making the offer. This is perhaps the best bit because we get to pop the champagne or drink of choice.
  • And finally remember to let unsuccessful candidates know along the way. Thank them for their time and consideration in the opportunity.

Our Dedicated Partnership Formula - Recruitment Expertise, Collaborative Approach and Knowledge of your Industry

We provide the right candidates for the roles by drawing on our years’ of experience in operating exclusively in the industry and our understanding of the business criteria and feedback gained during this important recruitment campaign.

We further improve and finesse our delivery of recruitment services to your business as we continue to build relationships and realise successful outcomes.

We are able to advise on current and future market conditions and candidate availability to flexibly offer your business options for any contingency.

We refer thoroughly screened and prepared candidates and advise the potential start dates, we maintain communications with successful candidates between the job offer and start date to ensure a smooth commencement process.